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Following on from a free (in the majority of cases) initial consultation, three comprehensive services are available:
A Design, Specification and Budget Service.

Then, if required:

Procurement Management.
Project Management.

The benefits to you include the following:

Design, Specification and Budget
This service provides an obligation-free initial consultation, where your needs and requirements are discussed in detail. Then, with your approval, computer-generated plans/elevation layouts plus sketched 3D visualizations would be produced. In conjunction with these, a detailed budget for each set of works would be generated. The budget is a powerful and useful tool in itself.

Using the above service dramatically cuts down on the effort required to reach good design solutions, saves you a huge amount of time and energy, and gives you a far more accurate and realistic estimate of the costs and time involved for any one job. 1901 Design is ’supplier-neutral’, so you’ll always get impartial advice.

Procurement Management
Based on plans and specification of items from the Interior Design process, we’re able to offer a fixed fee procurement service, which provides:

1)      A structured, managed service to support both you, the client and the primary contractor.

2)      A detailed payment schedule for the procurement of fixtures and fittings, so that the spread of the costs and the responsibility for buying is clear to both client and primary contractor prior to the project commencing.

3)      The personally handled purchase of agreed internal fixtures and fittings required for the project (not building materials) as long as, wherever possible, they are ordered via the well-established network of suppliers to 1901 Design.

4)      There is a five percent mark-up on the trade price for items that are purchased ‘off-the-shelf’ i.e. kitchen and bathroom hardware, appliances, light fittings, audio-visual equipment. In the majority of cases you’ll benefit from a significant trade discount on these items.

5)      Any items that are non-returnable special order exclusively for you, such as carpets or tiles are subject to a ten percent mark-up (from the delivered  trade discounted price).

6)      Any bespoke or modified items (for example; made-to-order joinery, custom glass, natural stone or composite products) are subject to a twenty-percent mark-up (from the delivered trade discounted price).

A fully-updated Project Budget spreadsheet is used to keep a running tally, comparing ‘Estimated/Projected’ costs and the status of an item, with ‘Actual’ as the project progresses.

Considering that the trade discount passed on in item ‘4’ may be as much as 55% for certain items, you’ll very quickly start to recoup my fee,
without the worry of having to select, source and purchase items, and ensure that they’re delivered on-time. 1901 Design are also able to source one-off items not normally available direct to the general public.
The Procurement Management fee also incorporates site visits during the project.
This is an especially useful service when the property is unoccupied by yourselves, as you won’t have to administer the delivery and checking of items.

The mark-ups for the items in (4) (5) and (6) would be calculated during the project and are completely transparent.

Project Management
This service significantly reduces the stress and risks involved in actually having works done, especially with complex projects such as loft rooms/extensions, kitchens and bathrooms. Assistance is provided in managing the selection, purchase, delivery and quality control of items required. This ensures that tradespeople have the items they need, when they need them, and that they are fitted in accordance with the agreed designs. You further benefit from my trade buying discounts and broad trusted-supplier network.

The nett result of the above is that you’ll achieve a superior end product, more economically and with substantially less effort and stress.